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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Art Exhibition at Darpan art Gallery

I had my first Art Exhibition today at Darpan Art Gallery off S.B Road, here in Pune. It started on the 25th of July and will wrap up by the 31st. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Anil Awachat and renowned painter Murli Lahoti. Murli Lahoti's work can be seen at this website http://murlilahoti.com/

I had the good fortune of meeting the renowned artist Mr. Milind Mulick (http://www.milindmulick.com/)
who dropped in for the exhibition today.
The Exhibition was organised by my diploma project Sponsorers Mr. Rothindra Nath Chowdhry and Ms. Dickiy Chowdhry.

These are the artworks that I put up at the exhibition, please do take a look. I made the illustrations with a black Cello-gripper ballpen.

1. a peaceful evening

2. away from home

3. bad santa

4. nightmares

5. the apple orchard


Gunjan Joshi said...

Dipu you magnificent bastard. These are all very lovely! :)

Dipankar D. Sengupta said...

Heh heh! thanks Frau Joshi!

Bondhu said...


kshatriya harish singh said...

Dipankar ...they are amazing pieces of art. And congratulations on your first art Exhibition Man. Way to go... :)

Dipankar D. Sengupta said...

Thanks a lot Priyankarda and Harish, glad you liked them :)

Ash said...

Fabulous Work! Great going Dipankar. Best of luck going fwd..Aeshverya

Dipankar D. Sengupta said...

Thank you very much :)

Aakanksha Mittra said...

This is wonderful!!

JD said...

Bugger, this is great stuff! Let me know the next time there's an exhibition, I know people who'd love to see/buy this! :)