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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Colour Pencil Sketches

I had already uploaded these sketches on deviantart quite a long time back, but after Jasjyot's meaningful argument that drawings and illustrations do look better on blogspots, let's say..."I saw the light".

The Woody Alone series

The above illustrations were done when I was down with malaria, sitting at home and was enjoying boredom doing the hoola-hoops for me in front of my my bed-ridden eyes.
This concept of a wooden man longing for his loved one jumped out at me when I heard Joseph Arthur's song "Honey and the Moon" for the 'n'th time that day.

medium: water soluble colour pencils and a wet brush

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bounce Padoon-ahi, Bat firavoon-hi, Ball maarun dhavaaychaaa...!!!

Ok, in case you were wondering what the title was all about, this melodious tune was the result of every four, six or fall of wicket in every instance of an MPL match. MPL is basically the Maharashtra Premier League flagged off by Sharad Pawar, which catered to an equally enthusiastic audience from around the state.

I watched the first semi-final between Torna Tigers(Red) and Sindhudurg Sailors(Blue), and though the run-rate was over 6 an over, I really couldn't keep my eyes open throughout the match. Like I said, it's for cricket enthusiasts...! Well, in case you're wondering again, who won the game, it was the Sailors, who went on to lose to Raigad in the finals.

well, had it not been for an 8x zoom in my sister's digital camera, I might not have bothered to take pics of the action going on in the field out there, the crowd was a whole lot more interesting.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Of Fishes and Parallel worlds...

This one needs photoshopping, have to work on details...but couldn't wait to put this one up, so here's it!
This one is done by inverting the colours before scanning the picture on the disk.
My obsession with black and white continues...

About fishes and parallel worlds...

This is a submission for an article written by Kaveri for 'Cut Here'.Basically inverted the colours before scanning the drawing on the disk.