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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Woody Alone series

The above illustrations were done when I was down with malaria, sitting at home and was enjoying boredom doing the hoola-hoops for me in front of my my bed-ridden eyes.
This concept of a wooden man longing for his loved one jumped out at me when I heard Joseph Arthur's song "Honey and the Moon" for the 'n'th time that day.

medium: water soluble colour pencils and a wet brush


Shawna said...

The saddest part is he's made of wood and sitting on a tree stump!!!

Anonymous said...

ahh... yes!!! the grains of wood... the concealed symbology.... that WAS indeed ur prime dipu...

jazzlamb said...

Louwely work polt. Heyyy. This should be disney's new film. 'POLT'. hahaha. Though in the second one I guess there's toooo much texture and jarring colors. Something needs to be toned down, I guess.