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Friday, August 28, 2009

Character Design Sketches

These are some of the character sketches which I'd made over the past week in our character design course.Its based on W. Somerset Maugham's short story about a servant's appointment with death in. The characters were a bit tricky 'cos there wasn't much information given about them in the story, so it left me a lot to interpret.
Showing death in its simplistic, yet mysterious form was quite challenging.

These are some of the character explorations for the servant.


Manasi Parikh said...

deepu...what nice drawings! je suis tres impressed. poltu's growing up eh? :)

Amar Nath Shaw said...

Plotu!!!!!....nice sketches...and explorations...I think u can do a bit of photoshop..in ur sketches..to bring..more contrast and depth...as few of the pages looks...faded...xerox copy...so..can try to bring..more professionalism...in ur..work...keep posting ur work!!!!

jazzlamb said...

Saxx they all are, polt.
I like how you altered the style that you generally work with and made it yours:)

Dipankar Sengupta said...

Thanks a ton!...will work on the photoshop bit